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If you are considering surgery for joint pain or other joint problems, think again. Huntsville Stem cell therapy, stem cell injections and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can help eliminate joint pain without surgery. If you Google “stem cell therapy Huntsville AL,” you’ll see several providers of stem cell therapy. But what you won’t see, is a provider that uses the most advanced procedures in the world.

Why Huntsville Patients Are Heading North for Stem Cell Therapy and PRP

If you head north, just a little up the road, you will find Dr. Ethan Kellum, an orthopedic surgeon and leading provider of Regenexx® Stem Cell Therapy. Regenexx® procedures are the world’s most advanced stem cell and blood platelet procedures for treating orthopedic injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions. So, if you live in Huntsville, AL, the best stem cell therapy you can possibly get is available to you just a short distance away in Franklin, TN.

Regenexx® procedures offer a viable alternative to surgery for patients with chronic pain. The stem cell and blood platelet procedures provide alternative treatment options for those suffering from joint or bone pain, torn or strained tendons and ligaments, or other common injuries and degenerative conditions.

How Stem Cells Work

Stem cells work naturally in the body to help heal injured bone, ligaments, tendons, and tissues. The great thing is, we all have stem cells. But as you get older or if you sustain an injury, the body may not be able to produce enough stem cells in the area of need. When this happens, healing is slowed down or does not occur.

The Regenexx Procedures help solve that problem by delivering a high concentration of stem cells precisely to the needed area. Thus, aiding the body’s ability to heal naturally. Patients experience very little down time and they typically avoid the long, painful rehabilitation periods that often follow surgery to restore joint strength and mobility.

Learn More about Our Regenexx® Holistic Process

We invite you to click this link and learn why the Regenexx® family of procedures are the most advanced in the world. We think you will agree that the Regenexx procedures are worth the drive from Huntsville.

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Dr. Ethan Kellum is a native of Henderson, Tennessee. He earned his medical degree from University of Tennessee Health and Science Center College of Medicine in Memphis. After a residency in orthopedic surgery at the Medical College of Georgia, he completed a surgical fellowship in sports medicine, shoulder, and advance arthroscopy at New England Baptist Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. He served as assistant team physician for the NBA’s Boston Celtics, and Harvard and Tufts’ University athletics. His main focus is regenerative medicine and keeping patients out of the operating room.

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