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If you are searching for the best Chattanooga stem cell treatment options or researching the best stem cell injection options near Chattanooga then you need to learn more about Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics. Instead of orthopedic surgery, how do you know which clinic and doctor is the right choice? Many Chattanooga residents are learning that their best stem cell therapy option may be a short drive west to Nashville to visit with Orthopedic Surgeon and regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Ethan Kellum.

Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics (NRO) and Dr. Kellum check all the boxes for successful stem cell treatments:

  • Dr. Kellum has been trained in the advanced, hands-on curriculum that is necessary to properly perform the stem cell treatments. And he has performed literally thousands of treatments. No one in Tennessee comes close to Dr. Kellum’s skill and experience. Although Dr. Kellum is a surgeon, he’s committed to keeping his patients out of the operating room if possible.
  • For treating orthopedic conditions, NRO uses mainly stem cells harvested from bone marrow. But we have all the tools to harvest the particular stem cells for a patient’s specific needs.
  • Kellum uses ultrasound or X-ray guidance to harvest the bone marrow from multiple spots to obtain the best and the most stem cells.
  • NRO has an onsite, sophisticated lab which is required to process the stem cells and determine the proper dosage needed for injection.
  • Kellum uses a C-arm fluoroscope and ultrasound to inject the stem cells into the specific area of the spine or deep inside other joints like knees, shoulders, and hips.
  • Kellum knows the right anesthetic to use during the procedure to numb the area. Certain common anesthetics kill stem cells and will result in a failed procedure.
  • NRO is a member of the Regenexx network, which tells you that NRO is using the safest and most advanced procedures in existence today. Regenexx stem cell procedures have been studied and tracked for more than a decade. They have published the world’s largest (to date) safety and complications tracking study of adult stem cell use in patients.

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