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In this blog we interview a cardiologist from Knoxville, TN who came to Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics as his best option for Knoxville Stem Cell Treatment. For privacy reasons, we’ll refer to him in this interview as “Dr. X” and we’ll share his story about how Dr. X found and chose Dr. Ethan Kellum and had stem cell injections for his arthritic knees.

For several years, after he had gotten to the bone-on-bone stage, Dr. X got cortisone and monovisc shots alternately every three months. But they really didn’t help. Dr. X’s orthopedic surgeon in Knoxville told him that when Dr. X got fed up with the pain, he would replace the knees.

Searching for an Alternative to Knee Surgery

So, Dr. X began trying to put off the day he got fed up with the pain for as long as he could. In the meantime, one of his patients, a 50 -year-old runner, who had been in good health except for an arthritic knee, came in to see him. He’d had a knee replacement and subsequently gotten an infection. He was on crutches, had lost 35 pounds, and was in sad condition. Then and there, Dr. X decided he didn’t want to take the risk of having knee replacement surgery. And he started doing his own research to find an alternative.

First Dr. X found anti-inflammatory supplements, which helped with the pain, but as anyone with arthritis knows, anti-inflammatories (both prescriptions and supplements) are only so good. He had to keep researching.

Dr. X Found Regenexx, The Most Advance Stem Cell Therapy

In his research, Dr. X found stem cell injection therapy, which sounded very promising. Further research showed that the procedures developed by Regenexx were the caliber of treatment that he wanted.

Dr. X Searched for Stem Cell Treatments in Knoxville

Armed with stem cell therapy information, Dr. X Googled “stem cell treatments Knoxville.” His search yielded many results in Knoxville. Unfortunately, Dr. X found that no one in Knoxville was performing the stem cell treatments in a way that compared to the Regenexx procedures. Many “practitioners” in Knoxville were not even medical doctors. Most had sparse experience and even sparser training (see one – do one). Additionally, Dr. X found that most all of the Knoxville stem cell treatments being given use umbilical blood as a source of stem cells—a source that his research showed was inferior.

A Successful Outcome

Finally, Dr. X found Dr. Kellum, an orthopedic surgeon in Nashville –the only Regenexx certified provider in Tennessee. Fortunately, Nashville is close enough to Knoxville that Dr. X only had to take a few days out of his schedule to have a preliminary consultation and complete the entire procedure with Dr. Kellum. That was in June of 2018 and he was pain-free in six weeks.

The Rest of the Story

Be sure to read Part 2 of this article to find out more about the prognosis, the actual procedures performed, and Dr. X’s results, which took an unexpected “twist.”