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In part 1 of this article about Knoxville stem cell treatment we told you about a Knoxville cardiologist who came to Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics to be treated by Dr. Kellum for his arthritic knees. In this part of the article, you will learn exactly what Dr. Kellum said and did, the steps in the procedure, the aftermath of the procedure, and what unexpected “twist” happened to Dr. X.

The First Appointment

Early one Tuesday morning in June 2018, Dr. X and his son drove from Knoxville to Nashville for his first appointment. Usually, Dr. Kellum takes X-rays and an MRI to evaluate a patient, but Dr. X had brought his own!

Dr. Kellum told Dr. X “right up front” that his advanced arthritis (bone-on-bone) could influence the successfulness of the injections. Also, because of Dr. X’s age (77), Dr. Kellum said he might not be able to get enough stem cells to do both knees. As a back-up plan, Dr. Kellum said if he couldn’t get enough cells for both knees, he would inject all the stem cells in the worst knee and inject Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in the other knee.

So, Dr. X had to make a decision. Should he roll the dice and take a chance on something that might not be successful or only partially successful? The answer was yes!

The Second Appointment

On Thursday morning the same week, Dr. X returned to Dr. Kellum’s office. First, Dr. Kellum gave Dr. X prolotherapy, It’s a pre-treatment that aids in reducing inflammation and promoting better repair. Many providers don’t use this protocol, but Dr. Kellum uses prolotherapy for about 90% of his patients, when it will enhance the rest of the therapy, which was the case for Dr. X.

Then Dr. Kellum did the bone marrow aspirations (from the back of the pelvis). The lab technician immediately processed the bone marrow in the inhouse laboratory to extract the stem cells. Very shortly thereafter, Dr. Kellum injected the stem cells in both of Dr. X’s knees using a fluoroscope and ultrasound to inject the stem cells into the specific area of the knee. Immediately, Dr. X went back home to Knoxville after spending only 3 days in Nashville. There was no recovery period. Let’s repeat that for emphasis. His recovery period was significantly minimal when compared to a surgical procedure.

Because of the advanced protocol that Dr. Kellum uses, he was able to count the number of stem cells harvested to know exactly how many would be injected in each knee. And the number harvested exceeded the number needed to treat, based on research. This favorable outcome is due to the superior Regenexx proprietary methods for extracting stem cells.

The Third Appointment

On the following Tuesday, Dr. X returned to Dr. Kellum’s office to have blood drawn so that PRP could be extracted. The lab technician extracted the PRP in the inhouse laboratory and Dr. Kellum injected the PRP into both Dr. X’s knees to help regenerate the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Again, Dr. X returned to Knoxville the same day.

The Unexpected Twist

In the weeks following the injections, Dr. X began a do-it-yourself exercising routine to strengthen the muscles in his knees. And he was walking without pain in only six weeks. Then, four months later, in a literal “twist of fate,” Dr. X tripped on an exercise mat in his home, twisting his knee.

A trip to his Knoxville orthopedic surgeon confirmed that Dr. X had torn the meniscus. His Knoxville doctor advised him to get a cortisone shot. Dr. X wisely checked with Dr. Kellum first and was told ABSOLUTELY NOT because it would compromise optimal stem cell results. Dr. Kellum told him to take only the non-inflammatory supplements he had been taking and to have physical rehabilitation therapy for the meniscus.


Today, Dr. X is still doing some rehab for the meniscus tear, which healed on its own in three months, but his arthritis pain is still completely gone.