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Are you looking for an orthopedic surgeon in Jackson, TN who treats arthritis with stem cell injections instead of surgery? Dr. Ethan Kellum, the orthopedic surgeon most experienced in stem cell treatments in the Southeast, has three warnings for you:

  • Internet information about stem cell treatments, which is widely circulating in Jackson, is not accurate.
  • Stem cell treatments that are available in Jackson are not the most advanced treatment protocols.
  • Jackson stem cell providers are relatively new to stem cell treatments.

Use the Most Advanced Stem Cell Treatment Protocol

Not all stem cell procedures are created equal. Dr. Kellum uses Regenexx® stem cell procedures. These are the world’s most advanced stem cell and blood platelet procedures for treating orthopedic injuries, arthritis, and degenerative conditions.

Only Regenexx® uses precise image guidance, advanced lab-processing techniques, and research-driven orthobiologic protocols. Additionally, Regenexx® tracks tens of thousands of stem cell procedures to refine treatment protocols and better predict patient outcomes.

Why Patients Come to Dr. Kellum From All Over the Southeast

Although Dr. Kellum is an orthopedic surgeon, he prefers to keep patients out of the operating room whenever possible. For orthopedic conditions, Dr. Kellum uses stem cells harvested from bone marrow in your own body that are processed in the sophisticated in-house lab. Then Dr. Kellum uses a C-arm fluoroscope and ultrasound to inject the stem cells into the specific area of the spine, deep inside other joints like knees, shoulders, and hips, or in the area of ligaments and tendons.

Use the Most Experienced Stem Cell Provider in Tennessee

Not all doctors who perform stem cell procedures are created equal either. Dr. Kellum (of Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics) has literally performed thousands of successful stem cell treatments. No other doctor in Tennessee comes close to Dr. Kellum’s skill and experience in stem cell treatments.

Obviously, Dr. Kellum is not a newcomer to stem cell treatments. And his results are not just “anecdotal” – that is good reviews from a few patients. His results are backed up by the Regenexx nationwide database of patient outcomes started in 2005.

Just a 2-hour drive from Jackson to Nashville can give you a renewed quality of life. Why wait to get your life back? Give Dr. Kellum a call today.

Request Information of Stem Cell Therapy in Jackson, TN

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