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If you live in Clarksville, TN and have arthritis in the knees, hips, or other joints, traditionally, the ultimate answer is surgical replacement. But stem cell injections and physical therapy by board certified orthopedic surgeon and regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Ethan Kellum could be the non-surgical alternative you’ve been searching for.

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Surgical replacement can have many risks associated with it. More and more arthritis sufferers in Clarksville are looking for other alternatives. One of those alternatives available in Clarksville is stem cell injections and PRP. When you do the research, however, you may want to look outside of Clarksville.

The Best Stem Cell Injections Available in Nearby Nashville

Not all stem cell procedures are the same so you should choose wisely. Dr. Ethan Kellum, a premiere orthopedic surgeon in Nashville, uses the most advanced stem cell treatment—the Regenexx® procedure. Only Regenexx® uses precise image guidance, advanced lab-processing techniques, and research-driven orthobiologic protocols. Additionally, Regenexx® tracks tens of thousands of stem cell procedures to refine treatment protocols and better predict patient outcomes.

Dr. Kellum Is the Most Experienced Stem Cell Provider in Tennessee

Additionally, Dr. Kellum has done literally thousands of successful stem cell treatments. Dr. Kellum’s skill and experience in stem cell treatments is unmatched by any other doctor in Tennessee. Fortunately, for residents of Clarksville, Dr. Kellum’s office is in the Cool Springs area in Franklin.

Make an Appointment for a Consultation

If you are considering stem cell treatments, the short trip from Clarksville to Dr. Kellum’s office is well worth it. Make an appointment with Dr. Kellum today to discuss all your options for treatment. If you decide on stem cell injections, Dr. Kellum will give you the best stem cell treatment available in Tennessee.

After your stem cell treatment, you’ll head back to your home in The Villages, Wellington Fields, Whitewood Farm, or the heart of Clarksville with a new outlook on the future. Your joint movement will improve every day as the body heals, and your arthritis pain will decrease every day.

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