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Are you a Bowling Green resident facing joint surgery and searching for an alternative? Before you make the decision to have joint replacement surgery, you might want to look at the best available stem cell injections for Bowling Green, KY residents.

Introducing Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics – Providing Stem Cell Injections for Bowling Green Residents

The best stem cell injections and stem cell therapy options for Bowling Green residents is located less than two hours south at Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics. Dr. Ethan Kellum, an orthopedic surgeon, is a leading provider of Regenexx®, the most advanced Stem Cell Therapy procedure. The Regenexx® therapy uses stem cell and blood platelet procedures for treating:

  • orthopedic injuries
  • arthritis
  • torn or strained tendons and ligaments
  • other common injuries and degenerative conditions

Why Bowling Green Patients Choose Dr. Ethan Kellum for Stem Cell Therapy

We have quite a few patients from the Bowling Green area who opted NOT to have surgery. They decided to do stem cell injection treatment with Dr. Ethan Kellum because his skill and experience in stem cell treatments is unmatched. While he routinely does orthopedic surgery, his goal is to keep patients out of surgery if possible. To that end, he has done literally thousands of successful stem cell treatments.

Do Stem Cell Injections Really Work?

The short answer is, “Yes.” The long answer is, “The body is constantly producing stem cells and blood platelets. These are the building blocks that work naturally in the body to help heal injured bone, ligaments, tendons, and tissues.”  So, it is true that the body heals itself, and stem cells really do work.

Unfortunately, as you get older, your body may no longer produce sufficient stem cells for healing in a specific area. In this case, the body needs some additional help to heal itself. The Regenexx Procedure extracts stem cells from other areas in a patient’s own body to provide additional stem cells. Then, after processing, a high concentration of stem cells is available for injection precisely into the needed area. The procedure does not require sedation and patients experience very little down time afterward.

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We also serve many other areas in middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky near Bowling Green. Check out our recent post on surgery alternatives and the best stem cell injections Clarksville TN has to offer.