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Are you suffering with chronic pain from knee arthritis or hip arthritis in Paducah, KY? Are you considering a knee replacement or hip replacement? If you are discouraged by the possible outcomes and complications of surgery, you should consider stem cell treatments.  About 150 miles from Paducah, you’ll find the premiere orthopedic surgeon in the Southeast who uses the Regenexx® stem cell protocol. (The Regenexx® protocol is the world’s most advanced, research-driven, regenerative-medicine treatments in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.)

Dr. Ethan Kellum, located in Franklin, TN, has literally performed thousands of successful stem cell treatments. No other orthopedic surgeon in the Southeast comes close to Dr. Kellum’s skill and experience in stem cell treatments. Although Dr. Kellum performs orthopedic surgery, he’s committed to procedures that keep patients out of the operating room.

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If you think the trip from Paducah KY to Nashville is worth it to have the best stem cell treatment, give us a call today. After your stem cell treatment, you’ll be on the road to a better quality of life. Your joint movement will get better every day as the body heals, and your pain will decrease day by day.

How Stem Cells Work

The body naturally works to heal its injuries with its own stem cells all the time. As the body ages, it cannot always produce enough stem cells at the point of an injury to completely heal it. Such is the case with arthritis. But stem cells injected into the arthritic joint can boost the body’s natural repair mechanism.

For treating orthopedic conditions, Dr. Kellum uses stem cells harvested from bone marrow in your own body for the injections. A lab technician processes the stem cells in the sophisticated, onsite lab to prepare the proper dosage needed. Then Dr. Kellum uses a C-arm fluoroscope and ultrasound to inject the stem cells deep inside the joint.