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Before discussing anti-aging peptide therapy, let’s first discuss what peptides are. Very simply, a peptide is a molecule made up of amino acids. Because peptides cause every cell in the body to do particular things, they are very important to good health. For example, some peptides function as hormones. A person’s health and chemical balance depend on maintaining the appropriate concentration and activity levels of peptides.

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Who Offers Anti-aging Peptide Therapy?

Dr. Ethan Kellum, of Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics, provides the most advanced Peptide Therapy in Nashville. He specializes in functional medicine, peptide therapy, and regenerative medicine to improve over-all health.

Although anti-aging peptide therapy is very effective, Dr. Kellum also treats these conditions, which respond to peptide therapy:

  • Inflammation
  • Weight problems
  • Lack of libido
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Joint and muscle problems
  • Mental “fuzziness”
  • Insomnia

Why Is Peptides Therapy Necessary?

The body makes peptides out of 20 different amino acids. These combine in quantities of 2 – 50 amino acids per peptide molecule to create over 7,000 different peptides, each having its own purpose. Although the body can manufacture most of the amino acids needed to create peptides, there are nine it cannot produce.

Additionally, even though the body manufactures peptides, in many cases, the body needs some outside help. For example, aging causes the body to make fewer peptides.

For example, the loss of collagen in the skin, at the average rate of 1% per year after age 30, is the cause of wrinkles. Supplementing with anti-aging peptide therapy that targets the skin can make a big difference.

2014 study found that not getting enough essential amino acids may cause lower muscle mass in older adults. One of the amino acids that the body does not manufacture, leucine, aids in the growth and repair of muscle. So peptide injections with leucine is a treatment for loss of muscle mass. But older adults are not the only population that can benefit from this type of peptide injection. People with weight and body composition issues can benefit,  as well as athletes that need help with muscle repair and recovery.

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