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Perhaps you stumbled on this blog after Googling peptide therapy inflammation Nashville. If so, we’re glad you did. Because peptide therapy is a treatment that Dr. Ethan Kellum offers for inflammation in the Cool Springs area of Nashville. He may also recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle programs to help control inflammation. Peptide therapy Nashville doctors administer typically comes in the form of injections, but skin cream, nasal spray, or oral forms are also available for specific conditions.

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The Good and the Bad Side of Inflammation

The Good Side: Inflammation is a natural process that organisms in the body use as a defense mechanism. When the immune system senses a physical injury or infection it triggers the inflammation response.

Inflammation is good for things like wound healing and microbial resistance. In a wound, for example, the inflammatory response causes the secretion of white blood cells to clear away dead cells. And the immune system also releases peptides and growth factors that stimulate tissue repair.

The Bad Side: Chronic inflammation, however, is not good. It occurs when the inflammatory response lingers, keeping the body on high alert for a prolonged period of time. Chronic inflammation can damage tissue instead of repairing it. For example, when inflammatory cells stay in blood vessels for too long, they actually promote the buildup of dangerous plaque.

Chronic inflammation is believed to be a common factor in heart, kidney, and respiratory diseases. It is also associated with cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. And inflammation may also lead to auto-immune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

The Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation Can Include:

  • body pain
  • constant fatigue
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • mood disorders

Next Steps

If your search for peptide therapy inflammation Nashville leaves you with many unanswered questions, please contact Dr. Kellum for a consultation at 615-850-4415.  Dr. Kellum is an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on  functional and regenerative medicine to treat the whole body. He offers a wellness program that consists of a system of five pillars to help you reach your goals.

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