Lou Higuera N.P.

Functional Medicine Practitioner


Meet our Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lou Higuera.

Lou Higuera is a board-certified nurse practitioner with a passion for treating and eliminating the root causes of chronic illness, especially autoimmune disorders. Her focus toward functional medicine began in 2009 while working in the emergency department, seeing patient after patient present with flares of chronic disease. Conventional medicine was not serving these patients effectively and, in most cases, only solving symptoms.

Lou has been with NRO since May 2021. Her focus is on heavy metal toxicity, chelation therapy, mold illness, epigenetics, gluten sensitivity, and the connection between previous emotional and physical trauma to chronic illness.

Lou’s History and Experience:

She has previously worked as an emergency department nurse in Tallahassee & Largo, FL and Atlanta, GA. She has also worked in post-anesthesia care, and a spine surgical facility. She has focused on consulting clients with functional medicine since 2019.

She completed a bachelor’s degree at Florida State University and master’s degree at Austin Peay State University.

Lou has an eye for detail and when applying Functional Medicine with a patient, she considers the entire individual when diagnosing and formulating treatment plans. Her passion is to get the whole person well again and living the life they want to live. She enjoys working with anyone who is motivated to make lifestyle changes in an effort to improve their health.

Outside of professional work, Lou enjoys growing her own food, Jeeps, and medical missions. Some of the best times of her life were spent in Burundi, Africa, and Chinandega, Nicaragua.