How is the Regenexx-SD Procedure different from other stem cell procedures currently being offered for orthopedic conditions?

When we first began offering regenerative orthopedic therapy in 2005 as part of an IRB approved medical study, we were one of the few clinics in the world treating orthopedic problems with bone marrow  concentrate (containing stem cells). When we began treating everyday patients in 2007, this was still the case. Now other clinics are beginning to offer basic cell therapies, most in plastic surgery and cosmetics, with a few clinics just starting to try orthopedic therapies. While we welcome the growth in cell based medicine, we also know that we’re world leaders in this area.  As leaders, we set a higher standard for ourselves in all of the cell-based procedures we offer our patients.

We have 2 pages dedicated to explaining the substantial differences between Regenexx and other stem cell solutions:

The Regenexx Difference

An In-Depth Look at the Differences