Phone review of your condition

While we prefer to see someone in person to review their condition and evaluate whether they would be a good candidate for Regenexx, many of our network doctors offer an initial phone review of your condition if it’s inconvenient for you to drive to your nearest provider for an office visit.

The doctor can look at your films, history, and speak to you on the phone about whether he or she believes this may help your problem. It’s important to note that this is not the formation of a traditional doctor–patient relationship until you actually visit the doctor. Rather, this is just an opportunity for the doctor to determine if you’re a reasonable candidate for the procedure and for you to ask addition questions.

The doctor will require an MRI on CD / DVD or an uploaded version of your MRI in order to review your imaging. Check with your local Regenexx provider on how to deliver your MRI to them.

There is a charge for phone reviews with a Regenexx doctor, so check with your local Regenexx Provider to learn more. If you are determined to be a qualified candidate and choose to have a procedure, this fee will be applied to the cost of a treatment. The fee is not applied to the cost of treatment for our platelet procedure