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About Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy (most commonly known as neuropathy) is a condition that affects the proper function of the nerves that connect the brain and spine to the rest of the body. Neuropathy can be extremely uncomfortable and even debilitating for those who are struggling with it.

While Neuropathy can in some cases be hereditary, it is typically acquired. Acquired Neuropathy happens over time and can be caused by complications from a variety of medical conditions such as:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Infection
  • Medications or poisons

The damage caused by these conditions can affect the nerves that carry sensations and signals to the brain leading to the uncomfortable conditions of tingling, numbness and shooting pains.

Neuropathy Treatment Nashville TN

Symptoms of Neuropathy

There are a number of symptoms associated with Neuropathy, and even if you have some of these symptoms it does not necessarily mean that you have Neuropathy. It is important to see a Neuropathy specialist in Nashville to determine if any of the following symptoms may be caused by Neuropathy:

  • Tingling and numbness in hands/feet
  • Burning sensation in hands/feet
  • Sharp, stabbing pains
  • Can’t feel cold or hot
  • Coordination loss
  • Weakness in muscles

Diagnosing Neuropathy

As a Nashville Neuropathy specialists, Dr. Ethan Kellum works with patients to diagnose and treat Peripheral Neuropathy and help patients dealing with chronic pain. Dr. Kellum works with patients to customize a treatment plan that will help them live pain-free and get back to enjoying their life.

Treatment for Neuropathy

Dr Kellum provides Regenerative medicine options for treating your neuropathy instead of using traditional treatment options which are heavily influenced by medications.  Optimizing you nutritionally, providing supplements and growth factor injections are just some of the ways he achieves this.

Growth factors are substances secreted by the body whose function is to stimulate the growth and repair of damaged cells.  With these injections we are helping the body heal itself, rather than just masking the symptoms.

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