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Identifying and Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have been experiencing a tingling or numbness in your hands after a long day of typing, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel ...
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Biologics for Sports Medicine-Not Just for the Pros Anymore

Biologics have been used in sports medicine for decades to heal injuries and repair knee dislocations, patellar tendon ruptures, andligament and rotator cuff tears. Even ...
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What Are Master Protease Inhibitors

It has been nearly 18 years since the researchers and scientists of the international Human Genome Project first mapped our genetic blueprint. Their breakthrough efforts ...
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How Cellular Treatments Can Repair Muscle Tissue

Although it’s common to think of muscle sprains and tears happening only to athletes, they can also occur on the job or in the home. ...
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Signs and Symptoms of a Sports Injury

Sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports. Anyone is liable to find themselves injured from sports, there is no age limit on sports-related ...
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Cellular Therapy for Spinal Injuries

 What are Spinal Injuries? Spinal injuries occur when the spinal cord or spinal nerves become damaged, which results in the impairment of strength, muscle movement, ...
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Knee Ligament Injuries & How They’re Treated

 Knee ligaments are tight; elastic bands of connective tissue encircle a knee joint to support and limit mobility. Your knee ligaments are robust enough to ...
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How is A2M Therapy Used?

The airwaves and internet are full of ads for collagen supplements, some promising “younger-looking skin” and others promising relief from osteoarthritis pain. But as is ...
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Things to Know About Neuropathic Pain

What is Neuropathic Pain?  When damage or dysfunction is caused to the nervous system, the nerves are unable to function properly which can cause pain. ...
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