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Confidential Care

At Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics we’ve designed our care with your privacy in mind. Our team is trained to ensure discretion from our first conversation through treatment and follow-up evaluations. Our innovative outpatient treatment gets you in and out the same day to accelerate your recovery, improve performance and get you back in the game.

Multiple Treatments Per Day

We’ve worked with athletes across disciplines and from around the world. We know it’s critical for you to heal quickly and to get back in the game. In about four hours, our physicians can collect and deploy your own stem cells to reduce pain and inflammation — and accelerate your body’s natural healing. The best part is, recovery is almost immediate — you can be back training the next day.

Convenient Location

Conveniently located in the US, our office in Franklin, Tenneessee. Office can arrange transportation and accommodations, upon request, to allow you to focus solely on your healing. For most of our procedures and treatments you can even fly out the same day.

Patients Worldwide have been treated at Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics


Are You a Candidate?

Our in-house science team has researched the many types of stem cells available today. Together with our clinical teams, we believe that using your own stem cells are the safest, most effective therapy choice for your body and your health.

Our research-based therapies use your own stem cells to accelerate your healing — without surgery.

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