Look and Feel Your Best. Get Stronger, Live Longer.

The fountain of youth isn’t a myth: You can actually delay the aging process with lifestyle choices. Age is only a number. Like Cher, you may wish you could turn back time; however, you can alter the effects of time on your body. While genetics plays a role in how fast we age, new research shows behavioral changes also make an impact. There is a lot that can be controlled through diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Our practice goal is to help you develop good habits that promote health and stave off disease. What does our process look like? We start out by looking at you through different “lenses”, such as blood work, to identify disease risk factors as well as modifiable risk factors. For example, elevated blood pressure is a rick factor for a stroke. This is a modifiable risk factor and there are many others that we can identify and help you overcome. With just a little effort, like taking a supplement capsule every day, you can dramatically reduce your chances of developing certain diseases. Interested in learning what your risk factors are? We can help and even offer it to you from the comfort of your own home with our tele-health solution.

A Customized Health Plan with a Surgeon’s Attention to Detail.

Our team will formulate a solution for you and then guide you on your quest for health. We will be with you every step of the way!

Ready to take the first step?

  • Step 1: On-Site Clinic Visits and Tele-Health Consultations require baseline laboratory testing.
  • Step 2: Obtain our diagnostic blood tests through a LabCorp local to you. We will send a lab requisition from our office to your chosen LabCorp site.
  • Step 3: Contact our office at (615) 850-4415 or click here to schedule your appointment. A representative from our practice will reach out to you and provide an introduction.
  • Step 4: Commit. Choose health and change your life. We’re here for you!