Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for You?

doctor working on stem cell therapy in Franklin

Sickness is a normal part of life, especially for those who don’t take good care of themselves. But the interesting thing about the human body is that it can heal itself. Your body’s immune system can restore your health if you get sick from a virus, bacterial infection, or injury. Stem cell therapy in Franklin…

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Preventing Back Pain During Fall Activities

Whether you’re suffering a lifetime of ongoing chronic pain or simply still recovering from a more recent temporary injury, this time of year poses special concerns, particularly for those dealing with back pain. Everything from the change in weather to the activities common to the season can have an effect on your pain. Weather…or Not:…

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Cellular Therapy for Spinal Injuries

 What are Spinal Injuries? Spinal injuries occur when the spinal cord or spinal nerves become damaged, which results in the impairment of strength, muscle movement, sensation, or control. Spinal injury results from damage to the spinal cord, ligaments, vertebrae, or spinal column disks. A traumatic spinal injury happens from a sudden impact to the spine…

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