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Stem Cell +
Platelet Rich
Plasma Therapy

Can Eliminate Joint Pain
Without Surgery

Specializing in Holistic Regenerative Orthopedic Surgery Alternatives

Dr. Ethan Kellum is a Fellowship Trained Sports Orthopedic Surgeon in Nashville, Tennessee specializing in Platelet Rich Therapy and Prolo Therapy as an effective alternative to surgery.

Stem Cell /PRP



Physical Therapy

Stem Cell /PRP



Physical Therapy


As the former Assistant Team Physician for the Boston Celtics, Dr. Kellum knows what can be fixed with stem cell therapy vs. surgery.


Offering non-invasive alternatives means providing the right procedure for your pain relief.


Proven track record of healing case after case; a trusted leader in stem cell & PRP therapy.

NASH Regenerative Orthopedics

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You exemplified everything that we expected from you and more. Not only did you make us feel comfortable as your clients, but you made us feel comfortable as friends. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to say “Thank You” for everything that you did for us.”

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