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Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics Specializes in Regenexx® Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Therapy as a Holistic Orthopedic Surgery Alternative.

Advanced Care for Bodies in Motion

What a wonderful group of truly caring people. 5 star service from all. Of the 4 Regenexx offices that I contacted, no one gave better personal response than Beverly. She made me feel like a person rather than a number.
My nurse, Celeste, had such a healing manner about her. She is so very caring and works very hard to abate any fears. She goes the extra mile to keep you informed of every step of the way.
Dr. Kellum, truly has healing compassion. He exhibits such great skill, without the pretentiousness one usually gets from a doctor. He explained everything in great detail and took all the time I needed, to answer and understand any questions. I have never, felt more at ease with a doctor, than I did with Dr. Kellum.
To anyone considering the Regenexx procedure, I could not more highly recommend, having it done by Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics.

Sherry Talcott

Within 3 weeks after getting Plasma treatment done for arthritis, I was back in the gym lifting like the old me. Awesome feeling to be without the swelling and pain from arthritis and no medication to take. Dr. Kellum is the best. Please try it.

Tim Johnson

I was suffering from severe shoulder pain for almost 2 years and I finally figured out it was a torn labrum. I felt like my right shoulder was so loose, like my arm was hanging off my body. When I was thinking of getting surgery, I heard about prolotherapy and PRP injections at Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics from my friend and these treatments gave me a whole new life! It was scary to be honest but Celeste held my hand the whole time (it helped me so much!) and Dr. Kellum was being very patient letting me get mentally ready for the injections. And Beverly was always welcoming me when I got in the clinic and it made me more comfortable. Love the team so much!! I would say it was all worth it. It has been 10 weeks since I got the injections and I feel like my shoulder is back in the socket firmly and it made me able to do more things I couldn't do before the treatment. But most of all, I am almost pain free!!! I feel like I got a heavy weight off of my shoulder. I'm so glad I tried this before surgery. The result may be different for each individuals and each injury situation, but in my case it works so far, and totally worth trying. Thank you, Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics!!

Kyungri Mason

Love the staff & Dr. Kellum! Great job! Doing so much better.

Carla Cummings

Nashville is lucky to have such a knowledgeable and skilled physician in Dr. Kellum. His approach and skill set is unmatched in the Middle Tennessee area. This is the only regenerative specialist I trust with the care of my patients and referrals.

Dr. Travis Morgan

Outstanding work from Dr. Kellum! From his amazing office to his friendly staff, highly recommend Nashville Regenerative Orthopedics.

Matt Harrison

This is a great medical office. Not only is the staff, Beverly and Celeste so helpful and friendly, they make you feel like family. Dr. Kellum gives you options. His bedside manner is calming, quiet and educational. He took his time to carefully study X-rays and my MRI before he came up with a plan of action. I recommend him to my friends and family all the time and will continue to be a strong advocate for his practice as he always tries to do everything possible with surgery being a last resort. I like that in a surgeon.

LaQuita Scaife

The consultation and procedures performed by Dr Kellum and his staff were very professional and were performed in a timely manner just as scheduled. Both he and his staff were truly concerned with my care and also my results.

Jeffrey Keylon

Dr. Kellum and his staff are so knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend them.

Jill Bennett

Dr. Kellum is wonderful. He has a great bedside manner and really cares about his patients. He takes time with his patients to understand what is going on with the patient and for the patient to understand what is going on. He will answer whatever questions you have. I never felt rushed with any of my appointments, he took the time to listen.

Melinda R.

The work and your commitment to excellence is astounding, the services you and your staff provided during my time of surgery was nothing less than exceptional. The healing process has gone very well. During the surgery I felt at peace during the procedure and the scarring is very minimal. You and your staff addressed any needs or concerns that I had prior to the surgery and post surgery. Your level of professionalism exceeded all of experiences that I have had with other physicians. I pray for your continued success where you are practicing medicine.

Sharon E.

You exemplified everything that we expected from you and more. Not only did you make us feel comfortable as your clients, but you made us feel comfortable as friends. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to say “Thank You” for everything that you did for us.

Tina P. and Tracy P.

Dr. Kellum is a very knowledgeable & compassionate physician. He takes his time to listen thoroughly to your problem without treating you as if you were just another number. The first appointment I had with Dr. Kellum he made me feel like I had been his patient for years. Dr. Kellum treated my knee with everything possible before even discussing surgery to replace my knee. He is one of the only doctors that makes you feel so comfortable. Dr. Kellum gave me his cell phone number on my second visit and told me to call him anytime. How many other doctors would do that?

Wanda P.

Dr. Kellum is very caring and shows compassion for his patients.

Cara J.

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